Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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It is a guide of this site 【yutori dream】.

Sarcoma uteri
≫What is Uterine sarcoma? The explanation "Cancer" sarcoma uteri.

Sarcoma uteri【 the first hospital 】
≫Various symptoms of examination determination

≫The first obstetrics and gynecology

≫A doctor of bad quality

≫Selection of hospital is difficult
The talk that first obstetrics and gynecology Era was a failure though it felt like receiving the obstetrics and gynecology examination with great pains (^^;.

Sarcoma uteri【 the second hospital 】
≫ A woman's illness specialist

≫It was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus

≫A therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus

≫An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus @

≫Progress after an operation

≫An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus A

≫A notice to be Uterine sarcoma


≫Selection of hospital is difficultl A
The second hospital Era succeeds.
Treatment and ..womb muscle nucleus.. ..putting out.. art of Te of fibroid of the uterus over two degrees. (day trip operation)
The fibroid of the uterus taken out for the second time was malignant.
And, the talk that whether goodness worries in this hospital because the doubt is caused in the method of informed consent.

Sarcoma uteri【 the third hospital 】
≫Consults family doctor.

≫ second opinion

≫ hospital change

≫ hospitalization and inspection

≫A notice to be Uterine sarcoma A

≫ womb ovary all removal operation


≫perimenopausal symptom

≫Reliable Family doctor


≫ Treatment of lymphoedema

≫ It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital
It is a family doctor that entreated.
And, the road to the second opinion attaches, the womb ovary all removal operation is finally undergone, and it succeeds.
The talk of having become a lymph edema that is the coexisting illness in various symptoms and the womb ovary all removal operations of a rapid perimenopausal symptom by having removed the ovary with often tend.

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【Yutori dream】.
Yutori is a meaning of a space.

In a site of this place, I write it about [myoma of the uterus] and [Uterine sarcoma].
The content of the struggle against disease experience was roughly divided by three hospitals.
I hope that experiences written in this HP are helpful for you.

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