Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
Ā‚Various symptoms of examination determination
Ā‚The first obstetrics and gynecology
Ā‚A doctor of bad quality
Ā‚Selection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
Ā‚ A woman's illness specialist
Ā‚It was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
Ā‚A therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
Ā‚An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterusĀ@á@
Ā‚Progress after an operation
Ā‚An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterusĀ@áA
Ā‚A notice to be Uterine sarcoma
Ā‚Selection of hospital is difficultlĀ@áA
The third hospital
Ā‚Consults family doctor.
Ā‚ second opinion
Ā‚ hospital change
Ā‚ hospitalization and inspection
Ā‚A notice to be Uterine sarcoma áA
Ā‚ womb ovary all removal operation
Ā‚perimenopausal symptom
Ā‚Reliable Family doctor
Ā‚ Treatment of lymphoedema
Ā‚ It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

Ā‚A notice to be Uterine sarcoma
The day of the following first medical examination guess came from Sgesgecac Dejuts on the tenth in the end of April, 2000.
It entered consultation room as well as the first time without taking it too seriously, the reward of the operation was said, and it sat on a chair.
However, the word darkly derived from teacher's mouth ••• : the face of the teacher who looked up from the desk. tell the truth..the other day..remove..pathology..result.
          There was a problem. Not Sge but the sarcoma. £

It says from the darkness of teacher's face, and something bad has been understood at once.

Teacher:"Not "Cancer" but it is possible to say, and sarcoma. "
Ot:"Then, is not "Cancer"?"
Teacher:ĘIt is possible to say, and "Cancer. "However, no "Cancer" and "Sarcoma. "£

For me, it was impossible to keep previous talking any further.
However, "Cancer. " anywayI.
It dies. Is dying?
It is good when doing very.

Is it because it becomes pure-white in the head?
Is it because my understanding is insufficient?
What the teacher says doesn't often enter the head.
Anyway, it is : only by there is no difference in "Cancer".
There were in conspiracy and in conspiracy times in my head.

The womb was reported five days from this notified day after in case of sarcoma uteri to doing the removal operation.

Ah will be necessary to take the womb in five days... °°
In addition, it became pure-white in the head.

The reservation at Saturday afternoon was put in the remainder, and the hospital was made a back the day after tomorrow though there was not vigour to answer in coming to a hospital, and either it was said because it explained the operation on Saturday.

Tears spilt suddenly at once, it halted, the face was held with the towel, and it cried that it went out of the hospital because of the full voice.

It was not possible to take a nap on that night.
In the cry in living all night and revealing, this was the first time.
In not stopping of tears, having actually felt not to be really was this time. And, it was experienced for the first time to say the dryness also of tears and exhausted at this time.

Here, a word of the difference between "Cancer" that the teacher tried to say and "Cancer".
It is so.
Even the page of sarcoma uteri : though wrote.
"Cancer" : because it is classified into "Cancer" and "Sarcoma" by a big bundling.
Word "No "Cancer" Sarcoma" that the teacher said
It was said, "No "Cancer" and "Sarcoma"" hard and existed.

It has been understood to have assumed that the homepage of National Cancer Center will be seen the next day, and the teacher doesn't say though it did not understand because a detailed explanation was not performed at this point.

  ==Soliloquy of Sge & sarcoma (malignant) experience Shaot ==
  ===Sge can be removed even by the day trip operation during the small size.
  ===Moreover, the wound doesn't attach to the stomach in case of vagina type Sgesgecac Dejuts either.
  ===It is likely to become a situation of losing the result and the womb when leaving it until growing.
  ===Ot to be able to do Sge again is removed again by the day trip operation.
  ===However, Sge of piece second that growth was early :.
  ===As a result of the pathology inspection, a malignant sarcoma.
  ===However, because the malignant sarcoma was able to be removed during the small size
  ===Thus, the experience is being talked about without the sarcoma metastasizing from the womb to the outside now.
  ===Leaving without doing because good Sge at all
  ===. •••It thinks.
  ===And, it is necessary to note Sge that growth is early. It thinks.
  ===Though the treatment policy of the teacher of charge is controlled
  ===When feeling it uneasily, the second opinion is received.
  ===May I leave it?Do it treat any or should I operate?
  ===I do not think that it is important to see the opinion of a different teacher hearing it either.
  =======Because the soliloquy of Ot to the last above====
  =======How about these ideas medically?āÕ====
  =======It doesn't understand in rank amateur's Ot •••. =====