Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
Various symptoms of examination determination
The first obstetrics and gynecology
A doctor of bad quality
Selection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
A woman's illness specialist
It was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
A therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@@
Progress after an operation
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@A
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma
Selection of hospital is difficultl@A
The third hospital
Consults family doctor.
second opinion
hospital change
hospitalization and inspection
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma A
womb ovary all removal operation
perimenopausal symptom
Reliable Family doctor
Treatment of lymphoedema
It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

Treatment of lymphoedema
Treatment to the lymph edema was finally done.
Do the prick of the needle on the day of the end of May in 2000 to phosphorus Pa placentae of about 5~10 centimeters every about 40 minutes (Noushu) for the limited part anesthetizing to the abdomen, and treatment that pulled out the lymph was done.

It was said that it thought without pulling it out by beginning to bleed in case of not the lymph but blood. There were two bags of it and Nou, and it is piercing to both was said that it would think while seeing in the echo.

The result of treatment.
Because one was the next of the bladder, seem no did prick of the needle.
Piercingly, and only outside of another one it seems to have closed 27CC.
The hole of needlework by about one needle was made for the stomach, and the drain (tube) to put out the lymph to outside of the body was applied.
Can the pain be hurried endured though was a little?
When anesthetizing cut and about two hours had passed since it had treated it when thinking, it became painful (^^;.

Rokisonin of the pain reliever was drunk.
If whats collected in the bag may not be neither the lymphes be nor bloods, the person was relieved.
As for lymphes collected in the street bag, the drain was yellow and warm.

When standing for the first time in the rest room after it lies a little, and it treats it, the one of the color of the blood mixing : to the drain bag.
10CC had collected. What has come out afterwards has become a yellow lymph.
The person is safe again because it goes out well.
Gauze in the part of the stomach that put the drain was exchanged in the evening.
The lymph overflowed to the wound of the stomach and it leaked.
It was considerably painful having sewn by one needle to put the drain.

Finally, treatment of pressing the foot was supposed to be pulled out applying the drain until the amount of the lymph that came out anyway without doing at all decreased when becoming 10CC or less.
It took 22 days from putting to pulling out the drain.

Because the day of the schedule of leaving hospital had approached, the state of phosphorus Pa placentae (Noushu) was seen in the echo.
As a result, phosphorus Pa placentae (Noushu) in the part where the drain was put is reduced to 1.3p~ about 1.9cm, and phosphorus Pa placentae (Noushu) in the next of the bladder has been reduced to 7p~ about 1.5p.

It became OK though it left by this hospital.

The next of the bladder was naturally absorbed the lymph and had disappeared by about 3p in the place in which it had Dorenargeed it when having seen in the echo just 45 days after this treatment after it left hospital.

After it had left hospital, it put on the pressure stockings of Shigbaris (It is called an elastic hose) with both feet.
Tentatively, it measures whether the one of how much pressure is good for the teacher before it leaves hospital.
The pressure stockings of Shigbaris might be good. It bought it because it had become.

The type that Ot uses is addition, and the type to the peach.
Even the peach chose the type at the end when it worried because thought by it be in summer leaving hospital when be so-called the stockings type that was to the stomach, and surely Mureed and might not worth.
It has fallen on the knee drag because the midsummer doesn't fall in the sweat, and it doesn't sweat oppositely ..and.. at the midwinter.
However, there was the troublesome one (^^; and the fall prevention measures were not used though it was variously.
As for becoming of tightening importance after all, even the knee under was indeed safe because the under of the foot though it used as it was because of not having fallen with Zlzl even if unexpectedly falling on the knee.
It worked sitting after it had lifted off to the crapper because it became tightening too much if ..round.. waiting a little on the knee when working sitting however.

Only the left leg will be spent in about one year putting it on, and it hardly puts it on as of 2006. Oh dear, this : though are might come round, can meet the teacher of very good manual therapeutics, and return usually the flow of the lymph.

However, it relaxes one's guard for a moment and it walks too much or it stands too much, and only the left leg is smart, it becomes painful for a moment, and when time to stand as walking is understood lasting for a long time, it puts on the elastic stress stockings.

The lymphatic massage of the foot when stepping into a bath doesn't drive after it leaves hospital and continue still.
This lymphatic massage sees the pamphlet that the Akiraotoco Hirota teacher who was the specialist of the lymph circulation also who is the director teacher of "Hirota internal medicine clinic" that hangs on the wall of gynecology wrote, and has gone according to the method.

---2006.10.1 additions-------------------------------

Page that Hirota teacher is making?Page that hospital is making?There is a site "Treatment- of page-lymph edema of swelling" though which has managed it is not understood well. Treatment 3 of page lymph edema of swelling . The method of the lymphatic massage done by my hand is published when massaging, and clicking like this. The content being written here is a content almost similar to the pamphlet that hangs on the wall of gynecology.

I think that it is a good method that the method of publishing in this page is seen, and continues the lymphatic massage gently like Ot in the bath every day for the lymph edema prevention to the last.
However, when abnormality is found as swelling differing and red the thickness of earnestly an obviously right and left foot or the possession of heat or the smart pain, we will encourage the doctor's diagnosis to be received.
When the lymph edema starts becoming awful as for Ot though it experiences when in hospital, the pain increases, red increases in addition, and it is taken care that it was said suitably by the person by itself without knowing with it because it becomes and , deterioration feeling feverish when the lymphatic massage is done.