Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
âVarious symptoms of examination determination
âThe first obstetrics and gynecology
âA doctor of bad quality
âSelection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
â A woman's illness specialist
âIt was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
âA therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡@
âProgress after an operation
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡A
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma
âSelection of hospital is difficultl@‡A
The third hospital
âConsults family doctor.
â second opinion
â hospital change
â hospitalization and inspection
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma ‡A
â womb ovary all removal operation
âperimenopausal symptom
âReliable Family doctor
â Treatment of lymphoedema
â It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

âReliable Family doctor
Light nausea began to occur from about 11 eyes after the meal after the operation.
Because one cause was not understood now even if the nursing master and the teacher were told, and Icsri besides the antibiotic and the pain reliever was drunk, extent in which the appearance was seen for the time being.

However, Ot drank medicine Melcazorl to adjust the amount of the thyroid hormone that went out too much because it had gotten a sick Basedow's disease of the thyroid as having gone out to the inside about which it talked several times.

On the day when Melcazorl was drunk, the day when nausea was held noticed when it looked back on the diary and Ot looked back on several days.
It was said that it would want you to just wait until the beginning of the week because the thyroid specialist was absent on immediate Saturday, and the nonconsultation day the outpatient in June though the nursing master and the teacher were told it.

However, nausea always came by danger if nausea became awful, and did not carry about the plastic bag.

Even the surgical outpatient examination at the beginning of the week called K teacher of the clinic who was the family doctor of the example who quietly introduced here and heard it was possible to wait Ot.
Then, when Susumu of the thyroid hormone might be held in check to temporary by a stress etc. after the operation, it become a usual value, and Melcazorl that held Susumu in check there further was drunk, Melcazorl got the instruction told it not to drink because there was a possibility that the value of the thyroid hormone might fall too much, and nausea has occurred, too.

This decided not to drink Melcazorl until it thought very much, the content of the telephone consultation service was passed on to the nursing master at once, it passed on to the teacher, and a thyroid special outpatient received the examination.

The on a roll family doctor was very reliable to the consultation though it was hospitalized neatly.

    :After it leaves hospital, it has goods of the reward)(though cake however.
    :It went to the family doctor to report on the reward and leaving hospital.