Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
Various symptoms of examination determination
The first obstetrics and gynecology
A doctor of bad quality
Selection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
A woman's illness specialist
It was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
A therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@@
Progress after an operation
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@A
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma
Selection of hospital is difficultl@A
The third hospital
Consults family doctor.
second opinion
hospital change
hospitalization and inspection
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma A
womb ovary all removal operation
perimenopausal symptom
Reliable Family doctor
Treatment of lymphoedema
It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

hospital change
More and more days of the third hospital and first medical examination.
It is a teacher and the first meeting of gynecology on.
First of all, the conversation etc. between the womb sarcoma diagnosis in event in the first hospital and the 2nd hospital and the family doctor of the current were spoken.
On the other hand, an appropriate explanation was done respectively.

Naturally, the make an internal examination is here.
The rectal examination that has not been received has been received usually the make an internal examination, the supersonic wave, and up to now.

And, the make an internal examination ended, too and outlook for the future was passed on.

The treatment in the future is decided by the quality of the sarcoma.
Because the tumor team had radiation Shem, it was said that it would want you to leave it.
It is good for the sarcoma, and there a bad stage.
There are the one that metastasizes easily and the comparatively slow one.

      Do U mind and I : in the one with a late metastasis?ƁA
      U has been expected a little.
      In halves with the mind that gives up U on the other hand as the metastasis anyway
      U conflict.

The pathology result of the Praparat)(like specimen of the sarcoma controls the treatment in the future.
It is the same as calling the sarcoma malignant.
The uterus removal is immediately necessary.
It is likely to turn to the whole body.
Anyway, let's advance while inspecting CT and MRI, etc. , be hospitalized, and operate.

It met the teacher who was the ward charge, and hospitalization was decided the next day before the day is out.
Unexpectedly early development.