Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
âVarious symptoms of examination determination
âThe first obstetrics and gynecology
âA doctor of bad quality
âSelection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
â A woman's illness specialist
âIt was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
âA therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡@
âProgress after an operation
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡A
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma
âSelection of hospital is difficultl@‡A
The third hospital
âConsults family doctor.
â second opinion
â hospital change
â hospitalization and inspection
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma ‡A
â womb ovary all removal operation
âperimenopausal symptom
âReliable Family doctor
â Treatment of lymphoedema
â It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡A
It is in May, 1999 ..womb muscle nucleus of the first time.. ..putting out.. to do Juts.
I have thought that the amount of the hemorrhage at the physiology increases from the same October, 1999.
It bled regardless of the cycle when November came.
There was terribly a severe hemorrhage soon in the office in December (amount of dyeing evenly for the night in 30 minutes), and was a day where it had returned in daytime.

It became it in mid-January in 2000, and and, terrible acute pain ran, and fell in the abdomen in the state immediately before the faint at night. However, it has settled down when having lain for about one hour.
However, when entering the rest room the next day, and wiping it with paper, it notices abnormally.
The one with a hard size of some golf balls touches.

It was thought that this was something an abnormal situation, and went to the hospital at once in February.
Sge was made again.

Moreover, it was said, "Sge birth", and was what happened because the stalk of Sge under the mucous membrane expanded long, and Sge had gone out from the opening of uterus though that pain was understood afterwards. Sge often seems to accompany a pain like labor and a large amount of hemorrhage momentarily besides the womb fly out.

The amount of the bone was measured with abdomen MRI taking a picture and the weighing device of the amount of the bone salt at the following week.
Especially, Nasanel can be used because there is not an appearance to which the amount of the bone has decreased sharply, too either.
Nasanel Tenhanaeki was told to begin to be used again when examining it at the end of February.

It examined in the middle of March.
Word of teacher with bad face of Sge.
It is that the surface has caused the necrosis that the face is bad.
Because Sge started collapsing, it followed that it was the same as last time, and removed Sge with Sgesgecac Dejuts. The womb was reported might have to be taken if relapsing by this.

    :At this point, no ..saying... malignant the teacher
    :Correct informed consent : because it must not say by the guess.
    :For Ot because Sge by which the surface has caused the necrosis might collapse
    :Because the organization was not able to be gathered for the organization inspection
    :The teacher : even if he or she attaches the expectation when it might be malignant because pathology was not able to be inspected.
    :It guesses whether say to be Hakkiri to patient Ot.
    :However, it is said that it will operate ahead of time as much as possible.
    :It interrupted the crowded schedule, and the schedule of the operation was united in the middle of April.
    :Was the meaning that it might be malignant that the face was bad contained?‚ƁA
    :Afterwards, it thought.
    :Ot that had not thought about anything at all though heard that the surface was necrosis (^^;.

The same as last and the fibroid of the uterus was safely removed without cutting open the abdomen by the day trip operation according to schedule. time..pickled plum..plum of the time..for a moment..color..differ..say..say..especially..anything..say.

    := surface where the face of Sge is bad is a hen of the woods of necrosis = gray one = sarcoma.
    :The teacher had thought that he or she noticed before it operated if it thought at this late date.

It thought, and when that was reported by the family, I was the second times the operation, and what did only to "Ah it is so" because usual life became accustomed strangely, and was done and was spent by room by me until first the following examination after the operation day on the tenth in after the operation.

  ==Soliloquy of Sge & sarcoma (malignant) experience Shaot ==
  ===Sge can be removed even by the day trip operation during the small size.
  ===Moreover, the wound doesn't attach to the stomach in case of vagina type Sgesgecac Dejuts either.
  ===It is likely to become a situation of losing the result and the womb when leaving it until growing.
  ===Ot to be able to do Sge again is removed again by the day trip operation.
  ===However, Sge of piece second that growth was early :.
  ===As a result of the pathology inspection, a malignant sarcoma.
  ===However, because the malignant sarcoma was able to be removed during the small size
  ===Thus, the experience is being talked about without the sarcoma metastasizing from the womb to the outside now.
  ===Leaving without doing because good Sge at all
  ===. „„„It thinks.
  ===And, it is necessary to note Sge that growth is early. It thinks.
  ===Though the treatment policy of the teacher of charge is controlled
  ===When feeling it uneasily, the second opinion is received.
  ===May I leave it?Do it treat any or should I operate?
  ===I do not think that it is important to see the opinion of a different teacher hearing it either.
  =======Because the soliloquy of Ot to the last above====
  =======How about these ideas medically?‚Í====
  =======It doesn't understand in rank amateur's Ot „„„. =====

----It thinks about the relation to the Basedow's disease. ----

Melcazorl that is the medicine of the hyperthyroidism (Basedow's disease) is memorized that one taking every day recently certes. At this time, the thyroid removal operation has not been performed yet.
The hemorrhage increases, and the fibroid of the uterus and the Basedow's disease are also early the growth of Sge and ..of.. : by drinking the Melcazorl that suppresses the overactive thyroid highest six at that time September, 1998 at the time of came to light. There was something about which it did not think easily that the effect of Melcazorl had become visible gradually adjusting the medicine, and Sge was able to be done again at once as the tremble of the hand with the overactive thyroid because the dryness of the throat etc. were Basedow's diseases because it was settled.
Because stripe of times second to the last was a malignant sarcoma, wasn't growth early?It guesses.