Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
âVarious symptoms of examination determination
âThe first obstetrics and gynecology
âA doctor of bad quality
âSelection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
â A woman's illness specialist
âIt was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
âA therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡@
âProgress after an operation
âAn operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@‡A
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma
âSelection of hospital is difficultl@‡A
The third hospital
âConsults family doctor.
â second opinion
â hospital change
â hospitalization and inspection
âA notice to be Uterine sarcoma ‡A
â womb ovary all removal operation
âperimenopausal symptom
âReliable Family doctor
â Treatment of lymphoedema
â It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

âThe first obstetrics and gynecology
It began to look for more and more in full scale in the hospital where in September, 1998 ..whether went... It decided it to a certain integrated hospital where obstetrics and gynecology famous for the painless delivery a variety of examining it with parents, the colleague, and the friend. It went to the first obstetrics and gynecology by a new illness in the first ten days of September.
It was guided to an inside assignation house in front of man doctor's named A who one of several doctors who waited for about four hours and were examination room. Several pregnant women were waiting, and because having heard the voice of not wanting read as going well, and the doctor who piercingly seemed by passage, it was relieved a little from among consultation room. Ot was finally called.

Anyway, the pain in an abnormal stomach at cramps was told to be, and it became a make an internal examination finally.

There was an instruction for the room in the consultation seat that was to exist next to the room with which it talked, and to move to that.
There was an instruction to get on the consultation seat when it was possible to prepare it by taking off the undergarment from the nursing master.
It was waited that only the undergarment was taken off because the skirt was the state as it is and OK, it got on the stand, and the teacher came for the skirt.

The confirmation of the name ended finally, too and the make an internal examination started.
You are not seen what to be done directly because there is a curtain between the teacher and the patient.

Doctor:"Apparatus enters. "

Ot ejaculates greatly by the pain in the remainder though apparatus of Cuzco (vaginal retractor speculum) is put in the vagina to examine it by gynecology.

The word that the doctor said in the other side of and the curtain
Doctor:¢That?. ..ginger.. you see do you make it to , SS?£

What?This wording. ?
It ejaculates to the following momentary pain again though it thought very much.

Doctor:¢It is .... painful. ..cell.. surround for a momentPlease endure it. £

And, it ejaculates again.

Doctor:"It is not neatly examined if the cell of the body in the interior of the womb is not caught, and endure it for a moment, please though the neck of womb was able to be caught. "

By all of at
And, it seems to have looked after the appearance etc. of the ovary next by the make an internal examination echo.
After all, this doctor was an examination only of the use of apparatus and the echo.
So-called apparatus was executed and looking after (Was the palpate?) was not executed at use.

I can barely descend the consultation seat by the pain in the remainder and the numbness of the hand even if the make an internal examination ends, and have crouched on the floor. (This was a symptom immediately before the syndrome of the overventilation. )
It lay until settling down because the opinion was not able to be expressed, the nursing master who had noticed abnormally helped, and it was carried to the bed in the treatment room after all by the wheelchair, and it returned to consultation room where the doctor existed again in the place where it settled down the numbness of the pain and the hand though the nursing master called the name in the other side of the curtain.

And, because the doctor told it that he or she vomited and threw away an unexpected method of treatment, it did.

It is understood that the diagnosis that this doctor's examination method and this doctor gave was wrong after the hospital is changed later.

We will encourage gynecology to be consulted a physician once by all means by the medical examination because just no such hospital (doctor) though it is fairly written only that it is scary the desire as going to receive.
Index site of medical treatment and healthy specialtyA lot of pages of the guide of the gynecology of a large general hospital come out when inputting to the retrieval window of yHealthcopez, "Gynecology   first medical examination" and retrieving it. Is when those gynecology guide page is read, gynecology such a department? ¥¥¥ thinks that it can understand.