Story of experiences such as perimenopausal symptoms and lymph edemas by symptom of sarcoma uteri and sarcoma uteri,
fibroid of the uteruss, diagnoses, Sgesgecac Dejuts, and ovary and womb all Ts operation
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The first hospital
Various symptoms of examination determination
The first obstetrics and gynecology
A doctor of bad quality
Selection of hospital is difficult
The second hospital
A woman's illness specialist
It was diagnosed as Myoma of the uterus
A therapeutic method of Myoma of the uterus
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@@
Progress after an operation
An operation to extract a nucleus of myoma of the uterus@A
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma
Selection of hospital is difficultl@A
The third hospital
Consults family doctor.
second opinion
hospital change
hospitalization and inspection
A notice to be Uterine sarcoma A
womb ovary all removal operation
perimenopausal symptom
Reliable Family doctor
Treatment of lymphoedema
It is process until the present since it leaves the hospital

perimenopausal symptom
After all, the body of Ot was attacked at the midnight of the sixth day from the operation, and there is doing the feeling was to remove the ovary smart, for the female hormone (estrogen) to disappear from the inside of the body at a dash, and to have attacked it at a dash by there is a perimenopausal symptom and all symptoms of that.

Intense smart feeling where current that extended even to foot, head, and face and hand and head started.
Sweat of Haca. ..back Sgo.. saying of hand and foot
And, a smart feeling where it remains for a long time also after the seventh day of after the operation.
And, nausea with hot further shoulder learning by experience and back etc.

Afterwards, it is said a hot flash when about the tenth in after the operation passes, burning says the pace once every 30 minutes, and it has attacked it by being one Sgo ..saying.. Ikioi.
Chemotherapy was done, and the curtain got irritated (This was one of the feature symptoms of the perimenopausal symptom) and was spent while experiencing a feature symptom of the perimenopausal symptom by in a hot sickroom, there was no this room alone when hot and hot in June afterwards one hand though was Boyaki flinging open, and becoming sweat Bisshori however the only, and spending also of the air conditioner in the cold cut inside and Utiwa.

When the operation that removes the ovary is done, you might bring Utiwa or the fan.

The number of female hormones decreases from the inside of the body a little more gradually, and the Basedow's disease and for Ot though how whose way of the number of such and hormone the decrease is rapider than usually to decrease might have been done because metabolizing are intenser than , people usually.

The medicine of the pre-marine (This was estrogen that was the female hormone) was taken for about two weeks to reduce the symptom of a too painful perimenopausal symptom when in hospital while seven years passed from the ovary removal until present. However, there was might a source estrogen that formed the sarcoma, too and taking the pre-marine was discontinued in less than one month.

After it had left hospital, the Chinese medicine named this Caeti (Mr. floatage ladle anther) was prescribed. Metabolizing decreases, and however, a little to easiness to burn it and the medicine of the hormone system that suppresses the symptom of the perimenopausal symptom is not prescribed afterwards when the thyroid is removed the operation on the thyroid etc. either.
It is true that an actual place did not continue because it was not good at a peculiar perfume and taste to the Chinese medicine (^^;.
It is not possible to drink after all and it has thrown it away though it prescribed with great pains (^^;.

      UIn the retrieval window of index site yHealthcopez of a medical treatment and a healthy specialty"Hot flash"
      It pages it with U the press release about the Chinese medicine clinical trial in the United States of T company when putting and retrieving it.
      U etc. have come out to retrieve, too. Ot's having drunk the Chinese medicine by a hot flash measures
      The Chinese medicine in the United States in 2004 that passes four years from that time though 2000 U
      In U clinical trial. Is there a better Chinese medicine in 2006 now?Duck?
      U, the beam, and information that a good one somewhere suits me when a variety of examining it
      I quite thought that it was likely to be rolling of U.

However, the perimenopausal symptom is lost of estrogen, and stays up surely, and has caused the inside of the body a bone abnormal metabolizing. Therefore, Daidoronel has been being taken for two weeks once every three months to suppress the destruction of the bone even a little now.

(As of 2006. )

After that, it is the future when there is an explanation from the doctor before it leaves by another one hospital when it depends on the ovarian aplasia about which it is anxious for a moment.
Because the sickness that became it easily was recalled, a postscript is added.
The sickness is Alzheimer's disease.
Estrogen seemed to be a hormone that related to the brain activation, and, naturally, when the ovary was removed, estrogen received the explanation of being likely to become Alzheimer's disease easily because of the influence because it was lost from the inside of the body.
The one like the acknowledgment syndrome prevention plan page that Ot tested will being to try anything and standing if a certain program became Kiccake, and the acknowledgment syndrome symptom due to Alzheimer's disease was able to be delayed even a little of the search was made. Interesting one : from Cotira please though it began just to make and the content is few.

- Amount of bone of Ot

The numerical value below can see the change of the amount of the bone of Ot.
Every time, the amount of the bone measures it from two places of the left groin joint and the spine lumbar vertebra.
I think that it can understand so that the numerical value of the column named BMD TOTAL may increase and decreased though it is not understood well that it is detailed.

Administering the medicine that suppressed a bone abnormal metabolizing named Daidoronel began from 2003.8.7 because it seemed to see the blood test result of boning the metabolic marker collected blood to the result of the check of the amount of the bone and 4.3 of 2003.4.3 in the third line from the top, and to have occurred a bone abnormal metabolizing. Beginning to drink was two/2W.

When the result of the check of the amount of the bone of 2006.2.9 is seen, the numerical value that is approaching the first result of the check of the amount of the bone after leaving hospital in 2000 is understood.
Daidoronel is one/2W taking as of 2006.7.9.
The enjoyment (on the other hand, uneasiness (^^;) the result becomes it because the next inspection is August...

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